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Publishing project

Sale and consulting regarding timber from Siberia. 

Consulting in commercial and financial matters. 

Publishing project: on paper and on line the Russian publication named "Our newspaper in Europe".

Sale and consulting regarding timber from Siberia. Elite varieties of pines, larches and spruces, all from Siberia.

Consulting in commercial and financial matters. Capability to provide bank guarantees.

ABM Invest was established in 2013. Its main areas of activity are:

The company invests in media and publishing projects. To the company belong publications for Russian speaking people living in Europe.

Represents producers of timber products from Siberia, Russia. The company can organize the supply of timber products to Europe and find reliable producers of timber from trees of Siberian origin.

Consulting in organizing supplies of crude oil and oil products as well as schemes of financing these projects. This activity is carried out by experienced staff members as well as counselors of the company enjoying many years of experience .



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